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They think they know about me huh...
They think they know Lil B huh...
Basedprint Volume 2, no need for volume one...

My interpretation on what the game's facing
I'm based and my facts on ancient civilizations
And proclamations put the world on it's foundations
My education started in human unification
Plus heaven, Satan, and situations
Places me in a state of mind that got me shaking
It's like stirring my speech, energy taking
Can't break off the glass, letting off frustration
Through meditation, sometimes teleportation
Like through the dream world first Myspace-ing
Out, communications through the nations
Give me 360 degree rotation
My occupation splitting forms like experiment... situations, feel me
For the haters my thoughts bloody like menstruation
My temptation would leave you in incubation
Trace and fury tracing location
I'm spacing at the hotel, ten star accommodation
Waiters start basedworld organizations
Keeps my eyes closed like irritation
Me stopping rapping might cause altercations
But never premeditation
Surpassing the limitations
Fuck 'em, dedication
Motivation plus concentration
Manifestation is the key to escalation
Fluctuation of money might cause suffocation
Putting tax on cash my checks being blatant
Small toleration but I'm considerating
But me and my ranking is like Bob Marley to all the Jamaicans
This might be slightly exaggerating
But elimination; suckas out the system, I'm a eliminate 'em
Erasing the wack rappers lines with time pacing
If I do it with rap, expand my comprehension
Expanding my knowledge like going to college at Princeton
NYU I got love for you too!

They had me yes, and they say Lil B crazy, fuck em'
Basedprint volume 2...

Text přidal Moonblade

The Basedprint II

Lil' B texty

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