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Good morning
Good morning Harlem
What's up with it man?
This your boy Lil B

Ask me where I live, bitch I live in the ghetto
Seen people rob brothers, under covers
Tryina stay undercover but the game don't never
Work on the real nigga cause I came for cheddar
Life gotta be better, being patient as evers
Seen patients, niggas dying, have to gain patience
Pace it like I'm pacin my heart, embracing
On open stages, ripping these pages
Don't spit cause I'm contagious
Wanna hate bitch? Stop complainin
Putting game in, not complaint man
Every day in, niggas playin
Tiff stages, matter matter bout the cheddar
Thinking over twice and count better
Shit up on the dresser, fuck niggas, fuck suckas
It ain't no peace til you ready to love
Think about it and shut the fuck up
Lil B, bitch

You know, I'm just going live on you niggas man
We killin the game
You know...
Like I said,
If you wanna run the game you gotta be thugged out
This Glassface nigga

You know
Nigga, we killing niggas on this one
You know

My name Lil B in this motherfucker man

I'm ready for war, machetes and swords
Have your reward, say no more, pay no more
We playing for keeps, aiming the street
Came from the streets, stay in the street yea, bitch
I got a lot of fame and pain in the street
Grew up too fast, my past is crooked
Almost overlooked it, since ya'll booked it
Now I booked, literally I'm the author
Wrote a book before the father had the well, honor
Thank my dad and mama, I'm fly
Keep their memories close, people wake up a ghost
You know that dream where you fall off a cliff
And when you piss in the stall,
FYI I'm killing you all
My clothes so fresh, I'm just born
Never get old cause bitches stay warm
Must be 7th heaven, feel me?
I'll leave your body crooked like the number seven
Bitch, you police, you be asking questions
Last I talked to you, you was asking questions
Before I even finished half of my message
I'm the rawest rapper out, don't ask no questions
Stay based til I die, what's hell or heaven?
Ask yourself that question before you ask me questions
Are you even in my league bitch? Never
Haha, you feel me? You get your ass buried
What's the case to life, most of niggas scary
But you fake man honorable, adios
Most niggas been toast, ya feel me?
I fucked the bitch then give er toast til it
Make me toast, after that get the fuck out, I'm based God bitch
I know Lil B, he the based God friend
I'm the type to see your last name
Buy it back and sell it to your partner
Over at the bodega, shout out to Nick here, basketball player
Out there, New York, grind it in the hood
I do it for the world, you see I'm rockin
I came from the bottom, I had no options
Niggas quarter clockin, clocking rocks in

You feel me? I ain't had no option man
It's Lil B

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Lil' B texty

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