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Neva Stop Me - text


[Verse 1]
You can have your case, then
Praying on my downfall
The game got me fucked up
Got to fuck around y'all
Straight through - zoom - like a NASCAR
Visions, don't talk about decisions
I was the last one to get this
Last one to get that
Kept my head up when it rained
Through my coat-back
I'm a lumberjack,
I'm chopping trees to the game.
Not talking about the plants, talking drug fame.
You gonna see in jail, the criminals never safe
This came from the heart
Don't look at my past
I just left it in this dark
I could start from scratch
Multiply the truth: it's all facts
You can deny I'm great, you don't rap
If you say I ain't real
Then you don't trap
From waiting at the bus stop
To riding all-black
If God's real, then why my friend have to die?
Sometimes I've just got to ask: why?

[Verse 2]
Back-to-back, cars move after the fact
It's like my life action-packed
Memories just fade in, caved in
I wrote this already, it's like a double-take
But I will never stop my love
You can't infiltrate, one in a billion
Like Young Jeezy feeling like one in a million
I get the chance, I work harder than ever
Anybody talking down, bitch we in it together
You seem to forget, you not gonna live forever
Why you cop that ride and you spend that cheddar?
Stack up your money, that's word to mother
Lot of people talking down man, living to maintain
My life not made, I'm in the hood like ant-spray
Words could kill. "Why they call his album that?"
And "How the fuck he feel?"
Bitch I do what I want
And the tracks is ill
Remember Lil B, bitch
That's that dude that's real
Let's get it

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