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My Face (Intro) - text


What happened to my face?
You've wakened a sleeping monster
Welcome to Glassface
Why did you do that to my beautiful face?

Why did you scar my face?
Is it because I'm pretty?
Yo, I don't give a fuck
And I'm a make you see
Why my spirit's cold
I'm not talking shit today
The pain is in my heart
They call me Glassface

Why did you scar my beautiful face?
They call me Glassface
They call me Glassface
Cause of the Glassface
They call me Glassface
Call me Mr. Glassface
They call me Glassface

Ain't no rules in the game, you niggas all fake
Fuck the hood, fuck the world, fuck you suckers hate me
I was pushin on the block way before I was rappin
Now you suckas actin like I seen that room of napkins
It's freight, a chair, a desk, everything was plastic
Asking me questions, I just know what happened
I can't go back in time, I will show you passion
Niggas been turned on me, the same niggas I was out there trappin
Your game is ugly man, I feel like I'm the realest to rap it
These things that happen in my life, I swear to God is magic
Cause suckas will turn this shit around, this shit be ending tragic
I pride myself and honor these niggas, five, they sell free fabrics
Bitch I become the rawest, and you couldn't scratch it
Ash to ashes, dust to dust, based God a Maverick
My passion to glorify the power, fuck the destruction
I'm history, infamy, lyrically
I'm talkin bout the magic
Pass the ball, you awesome awful
My work is fuck, high regardless
Can't be on the bottom
The top shelf artist
See what you see and what you started then
I feel like I'm a top one top one in the Top Gun
You think it's funny? Huh
Nah, it's not, I'm sending them shots on
Thinking I'm the nerd? And I'm finna kick yo ass
If it goes around, comes around
You be seeing me up in the bushes
With that motherfuckin burner
You thought that I was a rich man, it's Glassface

You can call me Mr. Glassface
Why did you do that to my beautiful face?

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