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Love Problems - text


It feels so good
Bitch, you need to fuck with me
I'm a show you bout luxury
Yea, you already know man
You need to come fuck around with the...
Ya feel me?
You already know who I am man

I don't need a bitch to replace a bitch
That last bitch talk about the bitch ain't shit
How that bitch gon hit on that next ass bitch
Both of them hoes stupid man, fuck them mane
Don't handcuff, we can have that bitch
Tragic, looking in my hands for doves
Something like love, maybe a lil trust
Something like a bang, bitches know bitches
Bitches keep bitches, bitches hate bitches
Bitch, mind yo fuckin business
What comes around, I be ridin 6's
Tints on the whip, mind yo business
Matter fact bout the business, I'm talkin bout bitches
Bitches holla at me
Bitches like bitches, send my bitches to find other bitches
Other bitches love other bitches
You feel me? Come around
Yea, man give me hugs and kisses
Bitches, hug yo damn kid
Why you wishin, you feel me? Eh
Aye quit talkin man, you know I ain't trippin
This a G thing, you know I'm on a mission
Dude like me, I fuck with the system
Is he with em or against em?
How it gon was? How ya gon check the drop?
Drop, hundred K on the bat towel
Bitches don't know me
Uncle Sam know me
Yea, and I'm a water front OG
Open my hand, a hundred dollars, 20 dollars closing me
Ain't no closing fee
Lil Beef in the divorces but fuck the problems
Bitches need love, that's the fuckin problem
I'm comin through the hood with a fuckin choppa
Lil Boss...

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Lil' B texty

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