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Let Shit Slide - text


BasedGod Velli, real shit though, you feel me?

I be letting shit slide, sometimes I feel too nice
I must just kill a nigga to go through life
Every day somebody push me to the limit
They think I'm a sucker, but my mom a killer
So this shit's in me, it's breeded in me
Letting shit slide, carry on man, I let it ride
I look you in your face, never stop relaxing
I remember who you are, this a cold distraction
I got a lot of love in my heart but damn, why you do me like that?
All you niggas, you feel me?
You gon' die poor cause your mind sour
Take from another man, you might be dead next hour
Bloody showers, man I let shit slide
But it's killers on my back that's ready to ride
You must not care cause you ready to fly
You got off them drugs now your brains is fried
Realize that you're lucky to be here on Earth
Because my niggas playing God'll take you out that shirt
I hold shit back cause I know that's wack
Everybody makes mistakes, but don't do that
Not me, cause I ain't the nigga to try
Iron heart but I'll make a bitch nigga go fry
Put him on the chair, do he got nine lives?
Let's see, cause he thinking he real
I just flex off nothing, I just play my part
Nigga run up on me, he fixing to find where it start
The streets is no love, leave you broke and they rich
Unless you paying off goons and sucking they dick
I ain't never been a square, bitch, I rock how I rock
Put a bitch on ice with the cherry on top
Everybody think they hard in the ghetto
Rock niggas cause I got that heavy metal

You feel me? Shouts out to the world
Shouts out to everybody that be letting shit slide
Stay positive, you gon' be alright, go ahead let it slide

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BasedGod Velli

Lil' B texty

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