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Lead Work - text


Yeah, I told you I got the keys, I got the plane
I'm a tell you why I'm facing 15
I'm a tell you why I'm thugged the fuck out

Show you 'bout my network, they work
Let's work
Boots flying always, beefin the long way
Sometimes you gotta clip niggas out the strong way
Welcome to the night time, hope you keep a secret
Help won't be there
Niggas off they street shit
I swear to God all my beef shit was deep shit
Nights I didn't sleep because I put myself down
I did myself bad asking for some help now
Fuck niggas, fuck suckers
I'm a stay with my guns up, stay with my funds up
Niggas make fun of
Niggas so creepy can't trust the ones you love
Yes, guns back up, goon ass niggas ain't
I put the money back up
Please act the fuck up, call the max back up
Make niggas back up, respect this from the tec
I'm putting on next bitch, lil b yes
I'm a tell you how I'm thugged out, 2013, 2012 we banging on em all
I said I'm banging on em
I don't rep no colors but I'm saying you know
Crime fetish mixtape, this shit is real, yes, yeah
Time to go back to my cell.

Text přidal Moonblade

Crime Fetish

Lil' B texty

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