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Keep Rising - text


Yea, they gonna pay me a lot for this one
You know we getting two nights for the riders here
What are you talking? Yea

You niggas owe me, you niggas owe me
Like line C, I'm the OG
Fuck around blow your tab or you won't sleep
Niggas know I got they game, bitch owe me
Everybody round me bout nothing less
Protest for respect, I'm at your ass like a bitch for the cash
Doob is yo seats so I ask for the cash
You get it how we live, I ain't knockin no door
I'm still poor, still come with the drawed in the closet
And the drugs in the floor, for the fiends come
It's a smash on Sunday
I see the 8 ball on the one way
Stuff and opened the toilet after 6 days
6 days, bitch I gotta get paid
Feel like I'm a virgin cause I gotta get laid
Bitches tryina rain game, just a game
Bitch lucky if I ever remember your name
Most people snitch, keep it simple and plain
Life is just a wall, you really know
Facing 36, boy you really go
Team you on, slipping life free tons
Aiming the rapper, niggas don't want none
I got too many problems, seen the hood
Wonder why a nigga shot, I'm another closed casket
Jealous ass niggas, put your body in a basket
Run into your house and steal all your ashes
Smoke all your weed and take all the cash and
Respect man, that's how you last in
You can't expect the fame to last in
Fuck the life's long, one of a kind
B taught me, keep fucking with mind
B taught me sit back when you hold that 9
I almost blew my thumb off with that kick back right
Bitches come to the crib, with he kick back like
Think I'm about robbin, I'm go test tonight
I'm a keep a vendetta, on this bust for life
Some nights no money, some nights in jail
Some nights outside, my life is fly
Feel like I'm a cape cause I only rise
Slow down, holy rise man
G's over here, Lil B over here
Groupie never scared, lil beast of the year
Say respect and peace, my niggas in the street, knew it be a life thuggin
That's yea, come out man they fake it
Cause if come through man, taking cheddar
Fill me up, every time man, I wanna fly when I perform
I dance around the beach, far most homeless
Still on the grind, still left my homies
I'm better, no friends
Wish I could donate all my money
Bitches still wanna take it from me
Everybody not your friend and everybody don't know me
Niggas real fakin, they so phony
Fool niggas all fakin, they matchin homie
Lil Boss

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Lil' B texty

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