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Ima Catch A Murder - text


[Verse 1:]
I'm fo' realla, Task force killa (Okay)
Black hoodie nigga, Hang with the killas (Mmmmmm)
Bang with the dealers, Niggas respect me (Respect me)
Where the fuck I'm from, Bitch I'm from the streets (West Side)
Bruh want beef, What it be (Kssssssss)
Bought ya new shoes 'cause I'll send you 6 feet (Six feet)
I don't fuck with suckas, Bitch Mob Killa (Mob Killa)
RIP my nigga, That's fo' realla (Mmmmmmmmm)
I tote the pistol (Fuck!)
Mack tote the pistol (Daaaaaaaaamn)
K got the burner, down for a murder (DAYUMMM!)
The deep 90's. Bruh, it gets grimey (East Side!)
I'm locked down for 40, Bitch can't hold me (Fuck 'em!)
Still (Uhmmm!)... SHINING. (BasedGod)
Still respect Frank, Still respect Poppa
Still respect Josh, Still respect Doogie (I see you!)
Keke what it doooo-ey (Uh-huh, I love you)
Fuck what you heard. (You feel me)
I'm clutching 10 burners (Yeah)
Black hoodie rep and we down for the murder (Uhmmm!)
Strapped with the burner (Daaaaamn)
Don't pick on me, Fuck what you heard-a (Basedgod)

I might catch a murder. Boy, I might serve ya. [x3]
(Y'all don't hear me... Throw up yo' pistols, we funking haaaaaaard!)
I might catch a murder. Boy, I might serve ya. [x4]

[Talking: Lil B]
Now, I'll say it like this. This is that anti-bullying song, you feel me? I'm talking about, you know, motherfuckers be out 'chea picking on you, ya' feel me? And you might have to bust lil' bruh, ya know what I'm talking 'bout. Ya feel-Mmm! Ya feel- UGHHHHHHH

[Verse 2:]
Tell ya 'bout me (Ughhh)
Fuck what it be (Mmmmm!)
Young Basedgod hit 'em with 23 (Basedgod)
Young Basedgod bruh, them girls want me (Swag)
Still with the heater, Fuck what it be
12 cell phones and all them bitches digital (Hit that shit!)
I'm in Atlanta, strapped with the hammer (Uh-huh)
Shouts out to Georgia, Nigga I'm militant
Hold that Glock.40 (Daaaam-Basedgod!)
California shorty (Ya feel me)
Black mask ho (HAAAWRGH!)
Neighborhood bitch (UGHHHH... Basedgod)
Pink shirt bitch, Down to hit a lick (Mmm, swag!)
Squad up, Basedworld. Protect Lil B (Damn)
Fuck what it be, I been had the beef (Fuck 'em!)

I might catch a murder. Boy, I might serve ya. [x3]
(Y'all don't hear me- Basedgod- Mmm! DAAAAAAAMN)
I might catch a murder. Boy, I might serve ya. [x4]

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#1 Bitch

Lil' B texty

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