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Im The Bada$$ - text


These niggas think they badasses now, huh?
This your boy Lil B: Pink Flame

Can't fuck with me these niggas know my history
I can make your life into a motherfuckin' mystery
Niggas wonder why they don't make it when they 'gainst me
40 gonna come like my son walking six streets
Shouts out to them bitch niggas sayin' that they miss me
Tying to see checks like a test in history
But I'm not a ho (Never)
Know the code (Feel me?)
I'm a take control (Bitch)
I will never fold (Never)
Took me in the jungle with them lions and them wolves
I'm a get by and survive like I should
Cats swallow up my pride like food
Cause niggas know the court room
I'm on strike two
You lost control, you gonna see what life do
Burn right through
Serving time too
You feel me? Niggas acting like you
Big niggas drop the hearts in me
Niggas wanna lie and be fakin' like they Doom
Back against the wall and be still as the sides too (Fuck 'em)
Niggas say you doin' bad but you can't get a job
Keep it real
Everyone wanna be a star
Who got the heart to shine through the dark
Lil B bitch, call me Lil Boss
And if you really think you a badass
I turn you into trash you little bitch
Pink Flame

Text přidal Moonblade

Pink Flame

Lil' B texty

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