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Nigga the game's so real

Welcome to the game and you gotta respect it
Bitch it's a new day and I never forget it
Nigga wanna hate me? I'm selling bullets to dressers
AK for this engine, a fucking blessing
The suits fuck your dream like a salad dressing
Got 2 faces, I stay 2 places
Went off the lot, I copped 3 all J's
I stay pushing white so I never be racist
Back against the wall when I'm catching my cases
You look so stupid under pressure
Tried to push me and I motherfuckin told you to count your blessings
What you gon do when the niggas gon get you boy?
I swear to God, put you on that stretcher
You gonna eat bullets, left hand pullie
I go stow stupid, you niggas is foolish
Lil Boss

Glad you did 10, now we takin the long route
Dude came home and he long with the gats out
Take your.45's when you come on stripes out
Knew I won't stretch on taking that out
Yea I'm a little flat like the rug on your floor is
Death bay bitch underneath that 4
Well you gonna look too when I'm throwin the hood too
5-0 right at you, I won't disgust you
Shouldn't call no, I ain't got no problems or nothing
Bitch I live by the law, I'm the book note friend
Where the street niggas know it's the green note friend
Put you face and tooth, put your name on sudden
Pray to God every day you gon push that button
Oops, dang, I keep it gangsta
Bitches stay in base what, I don't fuck with wangsters
Lil Boss

Illusions of Grandeur Part 2

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

Illusions Of Grandeur 2

Lil' B texty

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