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I'm Down 4 Hire - text


This is White Flame mixtape
Produced by Lil B

White Flame mixtape I'm surely blessed
I come from BasedWorld
I just show respect
I damn near lost my life over 20 times
Niggas that I hit next with they still riding
I think about my life and all the people in it
A lot of people, a lot of people changing
The ones that help me keep it real the ones that never sweat
The hardest nigga out, used to be a bitch
But I keep the list on the down low
I'm a hired hitman, with no income
The people judging by the way you look on the outside
In my heart I'm silent bro I never lie
Keep it limp, I'm still corporate with the street shit
Them suckers watching man I'm finna make them eat shit
Them haters watching me, them faces all up in my dreams
While you hating on me, I'm thinking violent things
I get scared when the days turn to nighttime
I stay strapped up, I'm not down to die
How the hell did I live longer than my friends?
I've been out the streets, and want to do me still
Can please everybody, somebody, hate me
You don't name a million, somebody still shake
Act like you ain't thugged out to get your shit together
Bitch I'm down for shaking shit, I'm down for whatever
This is a real, cry for help
I got no friends, I'm bad, and I'm sick
Everyday man I pray I'm a live forever
I love my mama man I wish we could die together
Could leave without her hear that be a lie forever
I love my mama man that's 100 shit
You fuck with me or fuck with her I'm on some dumping shit
You feel me? That's real love shit

I'm doing everything man
For my motherfucking family and for BasedWorld
I'm done take one
For my loved ones
You feel me?
They not feeling me though
You could never stop the BasedGod
You'll never stop Lil B
Look at my face, oh my God my face
If you ever a fucking problem with Lil B
I'm done against that motherfucking case, you fucking bitch
I line up
Daytime, nighttime, anytime

Text přidal Moonblade

Videa přidal Moonblade

White Flame

Lil' B texty

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