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I Got Aids - text


[Based God on the phone with his bitch 1:]
[Girl's voice from phone:] "Hello?"
Man, what's up?
Uhhh, I can't believe this, man
So I just got some news from the doctor, man

[Verse 1:]
I got AIDS, goddamn, I can't believe this shit
The last time I fucked was my girl, I can't believe that
I let me think "Goddamn, it was another girl"
Got a lot of things in my life, but now I'm in the swirl
No protection, I should've used a condom
Instead of trusting these women. I never got tested
I felt fine, I never got sick, plus I look good
My mom said "keep your dick in your pants, and you be good"
I was worried about getting her pregnant
Not knowing she had full-blown AIDS, and she sexin'
Everybody, cause real talk, she ain't even tell me
Mad at her last man, she held the pain in her belly

[Based God on the phone with his bitch 2:]
Yo, I heard that motherfuckers said I'm HIV positive
What is going on?
[Girl's voice:] "Oh my God, are you serious?"
What the fuck, man? I wouldn't be lying about it
[Girl mumbles]
Now there's something you gotta tell me
What you gotta tell me?
[Girl mumbles again]

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm fucked cause I had unprotected sex
Take it from me: go get checked, that be your best bet
On top of that, I got herpes when she gave me AIDS
My life ending early if I don't got no cash to pay
Magic Johnson, only one still alive
Sitting down all alone, it makes me want to cry
I can go back in time, I would've used a condom
Now I'm dying, saying "goodbye" to my momma

[Based God on the phone with his bitch 3:]
Yo, what the fuck, man?
[Based God mumbles]
My life's about to be over, man
My life's over. I can't fucking believe it
[Girl mumbles]
Man, that's all you gotta say, man
Both our lives done now
I probably fucking won't be able to trust nobody ever again
[Girl's voice:] "Oh God... [more mumbling]"
I'm a talk to you later, that's all I can say
[Girl's voice:] "Okay, please call me back"

[Based God PSA]
I wanna tell everybody, make sure y'all get tested, man
This is not a game
A lot of people have STDs right now and don't even know it
You look perfectly fine and you feel fine
It takes a few months a few months for something to form in your body
But you can have it and be perfectly fine
Make sure you're not transferring these STDs to other people
I know it hurts, sometimes you don't even want to know
But to protect the world and be fair to everybody else, make sure you get tested
And don't trust nobody because a lot of people are lying
A lot of people don't even really know
And don't think cause a person looks good that they "free"
Cause there's a lot of people that got HIV
Lil B

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Lil' B texty

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