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Gone In 60 Seconds - text


Hey yo, I'm a tell you 'bout these bitches I know, you feel me
I'm a tell you about these bitches I fuck man, they so based off
You feel me, I can't really fuck with no regular girls at all
You feel me? Like I just ain't into that, you know what I mean?

Never heard this bitch want to give
I'm a go to the club and fuck for free
Catch me outside with a bad ass bitch
Lil B but I ain't pain, that's your majesty
She chose it for me, don't get mad at me
She wanna pay the cash that's for me man
She don't bullshit, that's blasphemy
Task force bitch, now they gonn blast for me
Keep around let the bitch off my space
She kind of girl man she don't like me
Make the girl make her drop like she off geek
Fuck that man, I'm gonna pop a pill
Yeah bitch come holler, yeah I'm all about them dollars
Hey lou got Henny findin holler at me if you got a problem
Based God, based God

Man these girls be you know, it be crazy
You feel me that line that they push lane
Like I said Crime Fetish mixtape you feel me it's that pretty boy shit
Just yea pretty boy problems, you feel me?
You feel me
I'm a tell you man we got these that pretty boy problems, it's me your boy lil B

You niggas keep saying I got knocked down, that's bullshit
I need a bitch, might spill a nigga weak with this baby choppa man
Going outside, I'm a need that choppa
Fucking with Lil B, hit em with the rocket
Pretty girls I keep in pocket
You know about me then my life face 36
Man, it don't feel right

I'm a tell you niggas bout this bitch I like,
She so big with the big ol lights, you know
I put her ass down on the sidewalk

I want some ass and I want some head
Don't even trip or be on the next set
First class flight, I be on the jet
Girls watch me like MTV, or BET
Bitches loving me
Baby girl wanna get a hug from me, I'm staying based God till the end of me
Wanna get a hugh from Lil B,
That might cost a fee cause I'm a fucking legend
I'm a fucking legend, I'm a fucking legend
That might cost a fee cause I'm a fucking legend
Lil B, gone in 60 seconds
I'm amazing, I'm amazing
Gone in 60 seconds, gone in 60 seconds
Gone in 60 seconds.

Text přidal Moonblade

Crime Fetish

Lil' B texty

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