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Yo bitch, welcome to this, uh, White Flame, you feel me?
Money over there, money over here, you feel me?
But like I said we don't even need to get into my name and all that cause you already know who it is, mane
That rich, thugging bitch
You feel me?
Fuck that sucka, Based God bitch
That nigga hating on me? Fuck that bitch
Bitch can't hear ya, yeah nigga I made it
All by myself nigga, motherfucking payment
Remember when niggas used to look at me crazy?
2012, niggas still looking crazy
Damn Based God you did motherfucking made it
Tour any city, you can go hella places
Looking at my black card, bitch I made it
Suck my fucking dick, simple flow, bitch I made it
Everybody knows Based God hella places
Ho kiss my ass and count–big–count my big faces!
Step the fuck up bitch, you know that I love ya
White Flame bitch, I'm pretty and I'm thugging
Don't fucking trip, I've got that AK, silly
Hate on Lil B, I smoke a bitch like a philly
We thugging!
East land, west side, east side, south side, north side, all right
White Flame, you fucking bitch
I'm so rich in this bitch
Everything, all day
Lil B, welcome to the White Flame, bitch

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White Flame


Lil' B texty

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