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Durty Pop - text


Mess with the chop, That's durty pop. [x4]

I done came from the barricade...
I still came from a place, where they showin no love.
I'm like a broke game, but life is too real
Like a blue pill, what do I eat today?
And what do I drink today?
That's a good question, that's a real question...
Help me out here. I'm outche, I'm outche
For real boy.

Stay away from those cannons, they outche.
Let them niggas kno, I got family... we outche
Let them suckas kno that cannon got the zip code
5150. That done did it... for real.
Niggas game tight? Shiit, I had to boss up.
I'm a hit em myself, I do it all because
I got love in my heart, suckas wanna fake a grudge.
Niggas be lyin on their dick, I'm a do my thang bitch.
That's words that kill, I'm really I'll.
Rep westside, Until the navys sealed.
Fuck with me and die!

Mess with the chop, That's durty pop. [x8]

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