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Double Cup Fuck Em - text


We makin history
Lil B

Fuck em, yea
Double fuck em
Aye double cup fuck em, you feel me?

I leanin and I'm like fuck em so double cup fuck em

I done seen niggas dreams lean and go fake
I done seen bitches scheme, green and call rape
What the fuck would I do if I wasn't the boss?
If I couldn't take a loss I'd be back in the hall
Niggas waited too long just to get a piece
I was trappin in the east, I ain't get no sleep
Is one deep on the bar, I got that hard
Nigga catch me in the west, I must confess
Just to wash away the rain and all the pain
Things going through the mind, I cried sometimes
But I'm alright, I be okay
You can call it what you want but I'm calling it based
And I don't give a fuck man who makes snitch niggas fly
Only love in my heart, I look em dead in the eye
Suits dead in yo head, better cover your eyes
I'm knocking right at your door and I got a surprise

It's Lil B
That's cinema strike 2
Glassface, I'm very upset
Very very upset
This you boy Lil B, fuck with me

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Lil' B texty

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