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Dancing At Night - text


Biggest raw key is fucked
In that 18, and I'm drivin through in that 1980
That 1980 shit, uh

You niggas don't shake me, I missed that dance
I got it from the hood, while you got an advance
I'm a stay Glassface with my face
I look at myself, who am I?
My own mind sayin, mind sayin
Don't talk but I hear it, it's like a spirit
I got clearance, I'm in the law cabin
Getting my thoughts together, writing letters to the president, yea
It won't change, that's everything
But never be satisfied
Best time in yo life
Still, you gave room to cry
Cry your eyes and keep it real cause I never live a lie
I'm the type of person that don't see eye for an eye
Look at the situation, some things be blatting
Something's hidden, looking at my enemy
That's really me, what's gotten into me?
Can't get caught up in that circle
I really wanna serve you til they serve you
Life's too and I learned it
And I'm for certain, you know you're not worthless
For you working, you working
You feel me?
And I know your worth in the game
Don't trip off the lame, don't trip off the fame
You already know your name, you know your name
That's why we prayed up in the dark, Lil B yes

Rawest rapper alive
They already know
Five out
They like this: hate yo song
Man, those suckas
We know about them suckas
We know about them suckas and we stay far away from that shit
Staying positive until we reach the top
Based full, we gonna make it
I know you gon make it, listen to this right now
Yes you, we rockin
Let's go

Text přidal Moonblade


Lil' B texty

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