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Crime Fetish - text


Crime fetish mixtape, almost they ready

It's a rap guy, fuck man and get it strapped
He fake, he ho fake, you better give him that
I did my dirt, I brought the rental back
Next time you're on my line I'm jumping into that
Bitch ass nigga, I ain't into rap
The full form look kinds crooked with the centreback
He eat, he gon eat, bring my dinner back
Every time I'm on that liquor I was the middle man
I wrote them pills like the doctor man
I'm short of one man holla
Like motherfuck it bitch
Every party I'm resting shit
With the rest of shit, got guns and the other shit
Don't lie, chrome lines and boat rides
Don't trip off that liquor, I'm getting all mine
We won't talk unless it's your find
Every time I come out the game, I'm under your line
Shotgun, put him to sleep on his yard line
Glock 9, sending bullets through his jaw line
I gotta draw a line
Feel me? Yea, I can't hear you
Yea yea, you talkin gibberish
Pistol in your mouth lil bitch like liquorish
Yea then the, I'm nigga rich I gotta
Couple guns in the back, tip a bitch
Yea this crime fetish on my liquor bitch
You feel me?
Get in, 2 door man, I flip a bitch
Ghost ridin the Maybach, probly fall asleep in the car, I'm talkin way back
Where the San Francisco wore a Oakland mays hat
Base boys to life, we gon take that
Yea, this that shit that bring the bay back, bitch
It's lil B

You know, but we always been here man
You know, niggas always say bring the bay back but we never left
We always there, on top, you feel me?
I'm just sayin man, we still got the time though
Yea man, I'm talkin bout you know... niggas is takin that shit to the next level, yea
Yea, crime fetish mixtape
You know motherfuckers can't fuck with it
Now niggas say who got it and who duggin, you feel me?
Yea, like I said man you already know
Slogan I don't mind, you know
Really, what it is at the year? I'm a tell you why I'm thugged out
Yea yea

He fake, he O'fake, you better give him that
Like I said, you feel me?
This that real gas, you feel me?
You better give him that
He fake, he O'fake, you better give him that
I dig my dirt, I brought the rental back
Next time you're on my line I'm jumping into that

Nigga this ain't just rap, you feel me?
Nigga this a real situation
That's where my shit come
You feel me?
Crime fetish mixtape

Text přidal Moonblade

Crime Fetish

Lil' B texty

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