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It's that Illusions of Grandeur 2
It's your boy Lil B
South Side to Caddy Line, Sonic Sounds what it do?
Yea uh
Talkin bout we thuggin
S, S the topic of the discussion

Welcome to my life, come fuck with a gangsta
People lookin at your smile but they plyed with anger
If you feelin certain way then say how you get it
People keep their shit inside and smoke away their villains
They ain't gotta see a thing but everybody got problems
I always liked the way and it's two people by me
Niggas talkin to the game and I was out here grimy
When I ride my girlfriend I was out here slimy
I was drinking Robert Tucks and I mix it with Henny
Niggas banging up the media, line on the semi
Shout out to SC, Lil B street west open
My nigga Holly you he man, you know I keep shit going
Man brothers, I started being in game
Like who gon die next? It's looking bleek
I start speaking with niggas that was out on the street
I'm like fuck every nigga and fuck every cracker
Man you gotta be real to even see what I'm after
And I ain't never gonna hate it, and I ain't never been racist
Like fuck everybody cause all ya'll shady
While these people out here speaking out on the street
A lot of people go to war but God know where they eat
Did you go overseas for the money and love?
You got promoted on your job and forgot who you was
A lot of people on earth is scandalous thugs
People learn from president but don't really love me
I could see it in your eyes and just remember the money
You could put me in jail because you'd keep the cash flowin
I was stupid to the game before a pimper was hoein
Ain't nobody hold you down, go look at yourself
Been cryin every day that's why your ass in jail
You gotta move slow, everything don't come over night
I've seen fights turn to gunfights, losing lives
Cause they thinkin life slays when hey thinkin they right
I ain't never for the right, I'm full left at night
Niggas stay up in the air because they love that pain
Got a brain and 2 seat, don't be no lame
Sleeping casters, the niggas is already dead
But I'm more alive than ever, it's all in your head
Every time I speech out, everybody gon feel it
I can't deny the fact man, that I'm really the realest
Shout out 05 and shout out to Hawaii
I'm still crying inside me cause I'm so lonely
I see I know him 10 years but that's not your homie
You could look me in my eyes, I'm out here homie

You could stay stealin swag but you can't be me
It's an eye exam, you can't see B
Illusions of Grandeur punch
You can't see B
This an eye exam and you can't see B

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Illusions Of Grandeur 2

Lil' B texty

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