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It's a little world, I'm a stay in the same place
Niggas startin shit but the game fake, God line
Move away your game, even think straight
These last niggas getting stole off the same tapes
I don't trade for it, ridin down the interstate
Tryna get my life right, hustling for a better day
Niggas don't start because I'm working for a better space
Screwing the hood and them niggas, like to instigate
Gotta get my mind right, see the kind every day
Your movie chill cause I'm on a different mind state
One thing at a time mate, fucking on my mind great
I'm a hold the christinal emotional usage
Niggas play against you til they see they can't beat you
When I play charge, couldn't see me when I'm with you
Lady I'm the ghetto, the bottom of the bad
Theys die from methylamine, that shit is soaked heavy, doked in heavy

Why you gotta lie if it jungle where your cellie at?
Somebody left behind is no thriller to any
Niggas fall back on me like you really got my back
Niggas lying, I could go to the head for that
In my young nigga game it's no looking back
Don't sleep with the rats, I only fuck the cats
Lions in the jungle, I was with those facts
Niggas scared of the hood, how you gon move back?
Cause they didn't wanna lie, where you gonna trust now in the capital tires (capital tires)
Everybody going down when that water rise
I'm tryna stay safe and opened up my eyes
I'll be tryna tell the truth so everybody don't lie
You'll be out for yourself like losing them dykes
You gotta reach off the line, gotta reach off the hood
Niggas been here at my back, I'm just looking for good
Niggas lyin down the street and I'm grippin that wood
I fuck with the hood and I'm keepin that job
Cause you ass niggas told me I would never even make it
Crack was tryna hold me back, that's why I'd go so crazy
I do this for the world, that's why I love you all
When the water come make sure that the rivers don't fall

Shtt, this real water
He don't breathe
I'm in the water

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Illusions Of Grandeur 2

Lil' B texty

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