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Your Karma Sutra - text


Let's escape
Let's fill an empty space
With an easiness
Where ya keep ya stress
We gon' work together.
To learn each other
To bring us closer with each touch
Teachin' us so much, oh learning your

Learning your curves
And your karma sutra
Paying attention to help each other,
Let go
We'll make our own ways to get it on
No way to do it wrong.
When I do it to ya

Let's create another way to say,
Everything on our mind
Feelin' what no words can describe
I'm gonna listen to your descriptions
I'm gonna understand when I read it,
Like a book front to back,
Then later well read the sequel
Learnin' your karma sutra
Readin' u just like a book girl
I'm learning your curves.
I'm learning your curves
Your karma sutra

Text přidal Moonblade

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