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What In The World - text


[Verse 1:]
I can't deny the fact that I spend my time with you
But lately even little s**t got me losin' my grip
And there's something we gotta do
Now either you stop going through my pockets late night
Gettin' caught up in what you might find
Baby I got love for you but I'ma have to fall back
Even though you usually spend the night

What in the world, what in the world are we doing
Spending so much time, what is it girl
What in the world are we doing
I guess all I know is that it's a beautiful thing to be loved
A beautiful to give love, this is a beautiful thing
But what in the world are we doing

[Verse 2:]
Sometimes you got me feeling like I got a personal angel
But I've learned from the past to keep my expectations low
Cause don't you know what if feels like
When you put all your faith in someone and they bounce
Then you know what you know about love

Baby we need to take percautions

Things are heated up so fast
Sometimes we let our emotions get the best of us
The time it takes to get to where we are
Such a short time it seems
But what a long time indeed
It's been a minute with you baby


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