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I was so cold
I was so blown
I was so lonely inside
You were so nervous
When you first heard this
That every man is gonna try your heart
But your so real
Know how I feel
So we both continue to play our part
Coming into a start
Girl this gon be hard
But it's nothing we both can't get through
Baby I

I just want a part of you that
No man, no man's had
So I'm just gonna love you
Just like I said I do
And handle it
Lettin you know this love's
Really taking over us
Has the season fallin
Like snow in the cold mountains
Know my heart is for sure

Baby how can it be, all that you said
When I know I'm just a man
But you make it feel perfect
Like I don't deserve it
Like your the only one who understands
Makin love daily, makin sure we eat
Tryin to fulfill all my lady's demands
Tellin you all confessions and
Keepin no secrets
Girl this is all I got in my future plan


Yeah baby, do u feel me now
I'm gonna handle it
Just like you like yeah whoa
I'm gonna handle your body baby
Gonna handle your body baby
Gonna handle, wanna handle your


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