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My Distraction - text


i don't want u
i need ya
i'm just trying to do
the best i can.
to love ya.
to lead ya
even though i know
sometimes i get
ahead of myself now baby
i'm just trying to do right
by u
for all the love u give
to me.
to make me feel
we go hard. we gotta
passion times 2
where u think 1 pull
the energy to making
u happy?

cause your my
distraction lady.
my attraction lady.
satisfaction lady.
at the end of the day
we re both satisfied

it's only getting deeper.
between the both of us
now i know u understand
i'm trying to do the thing's
to be your man.
to love ya
i still believe in trust
i can look u in the eye
and know were only
human now lady
i'm just trying to do right
by u
right when somebody
broke your heart
i ran into u
we go hard what u
wanna do
it's what u call se**** energy
gotta keep it between
and u even when we're
destracted lady
i'm still attracted lady

Text přidal Moonblade

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