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Make Up Love - text


i see that we on one baby.
no we ain't nothing to play with
cause we love and we hate it baby
but just how much of this can we
take? it's crazy
we fuss. we fight. don't nothing
go right, til we make up make up.
we get that make up make up love
this ain't nothing nice. but it ain't
nothing like when we make up
make up we get that make up
make up love
i know sometimes we get on each
others nerve's
its still like i
know exactly what u need served
to get back to the reaction i like
the best. it always end's up you
undressed baby. hey! taking this
make up loven
this fuss n and fighting leads to
alot of thrusting and biting
call it tuff love sometimes it s
like the clash of the titan's but
what's the aftermath once we
get passed it? all i know it's
gonna be alotta smashing
like two car's crashing..
how u feeling?
what's your problem?
i'm here to
fix it baby i can resolve it. how we
do it probably ain't the best way
but its our way baby. this loves
here to stay don't take this love
away [x2]

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