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[VERSE 1:]
Pretty young thing
Sexy young girl I've been thinking bout
How we use to share one world but that's over now
Life without you just ain't life and it's killing me
Cause you just walked from our past and our beautiful dream

I want y ou back cause I'm in need (I'm in need)
And I need to know have you thought about me

All the trouble we use to get in my baby
In the back seat of my Benz now baby
We'll let the top drop you'll get on top baby
Have you thought about me, thought about me

[VERSE 2:]
Girl I was wrong so dead wrong with those things I did
How could I lie how could I cheat how'd you put up with it
GUess i got love but it aint love now you're so far away
You put it on me this player's so lonely there's go tto be a way



What keeps me missing all that good love
My psyche won't let me forget all the good love we made
Though we're worlds apart I'm still buggin' on it lately

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