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Goin' Down - text


it's woman all over.
ova the place
she zz topp'n girl
she got them leg's
got me on the floor
about to beg
got thai look upon
my face,
u know i ain't come
to play
u wearing that dress
like o a o a
u rock'n that hair
like o a o a
damn girl you're bad
as ever
break ya down,
put u back together
it's a hundred dude's
in here who cant help
themselves from look'n
at ya
the spotlight is on her
gotta have it,
thats my word
i don't want to just
wanna get u open to see
this is the life
under the lights
girl don't be scared
cause all the people in here
wav past the line
out of my mind
turnt up tonight
look at all the
drink in the air

its goin' down
own ow ow ow ow ow ow
goin' down
own ow ow ow ow ow down

u know these eyes are red
behind these shades
i'm st tu tu tuttering
she put that on me like
she on the main stage
we flyin'n night,
sky scraping, make the rule
then we break em' then
usually, i don't do this but
u left me no choice
it's going down down down
to the floor
it's going down down
go'n and drink some more
we gotta a hundred bottles
in the rearview
the flashing light's are everywhere
around you
so sexy girl, u got enough for 2,
but i'm selfish so, girl, i want it all
everybody put your drinks in
the air... right now

Text přidal Moonblade

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