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Comfortable Swagg - text


he'll buy u drinks and he'll pull
his cards out
when all u want is attention
u pour your heart out
all he cares about is spending
when u want time he can't spend it
what he don't know is his mrs
'bout to be missing
u want to
just make your way to the floor
hey lady
let's go get comfortable
just let loose get outta control
if this is your song.
just let me know baby

she's waited all night
for someone with comfortable swagg
to show her how
she can get down
i can bring it all out
i got x-ray vision.
i can see what's coin on inside
she really wanna get down

your in the right place.
here at the right time
u may have came with your man
but u pay him no mind
no more damsel in distress
this beat is right so u left
him at the bar by himself
now he's upset
that i came through
just like a night in shing armor
we can dance into the morning
if u wanna
just let loose, get outta
control if he's got a problem
tell em its karma baby
hey lady
u came into this club to get down
i'm ready
ain't no time for standin' around
i bet he wishes he was holdin' u
now i'm here.
making u feel comfortable

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Comfortable Swagg

Jon B texty

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