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Walking In Circles - text


Sinking eyes, heavy spirit
Your drifting mind
Weave a memory of the passing of time
Hoping we never show it

Swallow these words from your mouth
I thought I was strong till my strength wore out
I was chasing this shadow as if
I didn't create it

It was long, long, long enough
I had lost sight of what it's worth
It was long, long, long enough

Do you want to be named
In the end as the hunter or game?
You hurt or you're hurt, it's the same
There's still part of you dying

And where have you been?
Did you look, did you take it all in?
Are you walking in circles again
Like you've lost the horizon?

It was long, long, long enough
I was lost in a flash of light
It was long, long, long enough
Long long long enough

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