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Look to Me - text


Lay your head
In my lap
Let the sound of my laugh
Comfort you now, here in the cold

Your face gets wet
As the drink slips from my hand
And the faster I drive, the harder I cry
"Don't worry I'll get us there."

And I look down at you,
You look up at me
We're a fucked-up family

We make it home
This place is a mess
The smell of cologne
Mixed with all that we own
Not much, I must confess

And I hold your hand
As you slip from me
As I watch your breath
I say to myself
"One day this will all end."

And I look at you
You look at me
We're a fucked-up family

All night I feel it inside
But I know you're right
As I begin to pack
Without raising your eyes
I hear you sigh
Oh, you'll be back

Because I look to you
And you look to me
We're a fucked-up family

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