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The gentle kind - text

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I look around me and what do I see?
Sadness surrounds me, alone as can be
With too much time and too much distance
These chains that bind me
They won't set me free
I look behind me and coming for me
Is my best friend, she's my resistance
So if you find yourself alone and so unkind
And if you've asked yourself, over and over
And even if your heartbeats hurt like goodbyes
Try, try, try
Open your mind, spend some time
With the gentle kind
I was torn between the darkness and the light
Lost to all belief that it could turn out right
But my quiet friend turned me round
Made me see again
Took my hand, said nothing much
No lesson learned, just a gentle touch
And I am coming round
I am coming round again
'Cause in a hard world, with fastness and an eye on the money
I heard a soft voice, saying "never worry, hold on honey"
When my world was gone, a whisper kind of eased my mind
And I am holdin' on
To the gentle kind

Text přidala Maribel

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