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The moment's here
Hold it and we'll keep it clear
Just like a crush
I wonder when I feel your rush
Losing nothing but pride
I got game enough to go for a ride
And I'm riding like a buoy on a wave
Yes, I'm searching for the one on a wave
But I'm cold as I'm wet
'Cause I know it's no one I've ever met
So I'm leaving all my lessons today
Yes, I'm throwing all my lessons away
'Cause it's one half open
It's one half shut
Like a life, like a knife
But the world wouldn't cut
It's like one mouth open
One mouth shut
A kiss I could miss
Like a kick in the gut
I just get haywire
Par for the course
We've had it till I just got hoarse
From night down to day
It doesn't change with what I say
Ooh, confidence why did you desert me then
When I could've kicked
I snuggled up to think again
But I'm still on the make
When you give I have to take, take, take
And I'm riding like a buoy on a wave
And I'm learning all my lessons today
So let that voice be untamed
Let it cry and let some names be named
We'll be wired with the force of a wave
We'll be leaving with the force of a wave
It's like, well how can I help it
If they break then they break
When my hands are untied
They're entitled to shake
It's like, I look to Leicester's left-it-lad
And the sickness was singing and the song it was sad
It should be haywire

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High land, hard rain


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