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Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon - text

(Moonblood cover)
Gathered underneath the glittering stars
Under the grim ruler of the nightrealm
Horrible and powerful screams
Of the nighthordes
Praising the fiery majesty
Storms of fire are torturing
The nocturnal horizon
With flames being heralds of a decadent hierarchy
The burning desire
To shine brighter than God's fallen stars on the sky
A superior race upraising
To oppress all slaves of the light
Graveless souls, dwelling under a sepulchral moon
Heretic minds living free of the lie
And by the goatlord's arrival
Golden dust is falling from the divided sky
Endlessly, eternally, immortal
Worshippers of the grim sepulchral moon
Knowing secrets never unfold
Keeping words never told
Holding the scepters of thunder in almighty claws
Until the surrender of the light
A ruthless prayer to the grim moon
An answer suffocating in global silence
A helpless yell to the lord of the night
But just quietude that strangles mortal hearts
United by hatred, an almighty force
Neverending is the stream of the graveless rotten souls
While God is weeping by that heroic picture
Unable to poison their will any longer

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