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The Black Emperor - text

(Moonblood cover)
Awoken from the shadows
10000 centuries passed by
Slumbered deep inside cold earth beneath
Inside a lithic casket bleak
Once banished by the ones that I condemn
From the countenance of mother earth
I have returned to sow the seeds of wrath
Fertilized with holy blood
That soon I may reap the fruits of death
I hail the realm of sin beyond the gaping chasm of horror
And hallow all that is impure
Impaled hearts by goat horns pierced, raw and pitiless
The wage for all of their apostasy
Let me conjure the 4 winds of perdition with magic black
Through the coldness of my hatred that freezes all arteries inside
If thou shalt waver, I'll cast my evil spell on thee
And stigmatize your virgin soul with the mark of 666
By the apocalyptic horns that I admire
Cathedrals of barbarity will dominate the charred horizons dark
And heaps of living corpses should build my fleshly throne
Let all the crosses burn like they burned the desires of men
Let smoldering stakes be the sooth's horrible visage
For my heart is even colder than before
Thy laments and weeping, all the screams thou vomit
Are overshadowed by the bleating mock of 1000 fiery goats
When I'll unleash the hell's crawly hounds upon Adam's seed
Because I am the black emperor

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