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Glorious Days Are Not Forgotten - text

Moonblood cover)
To the battlefield they ride
Surrounded by the cold moonlight
Accompanied by the hysteric screams
Of their hordes
Steel-clad by shining armors
Reflecting the pale light of the moon
Riding upon black stallions
Into the darkness
And their bloodcurdling war cry
Slices through the creepy darkness
Shrouded by the stomping of the hooves
Of their horses
Gliding upon the wings of death
A legion of steel sworn to slay
Riding underneath cold moonlight
Into the darkness
Into the battle they ride
Swords drawn held high in iron gloves
Longing to kill and yearning
For the slaughter
For the glory of death they fight
And noone should stand in their way
No mercy is shown nor fear or retreat
When the killing prevails
Sworn into death and hellbent for blood
Blades that thirst for christian throats
Angels of disease who rule the dark
Enforcers of the will of the goat
Those glorious days are not forgotten

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