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The Slain God - text

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Cosmic horizon like a map of thy mind
It is an infinite stage
Where body & consciousness are dancing
Mesmerizing dervishes dance
It is thy theatre, this thou are here to reign
As it was written God is to be slain
So praise thy assasssin's sword - let it be done!
Immortal X is burning through all hell and space
Blackened father is dead above, so we're all dead below
Let him rise for the last time and fulfill the word
To end the cyclic circle - usher in the new aeon!
Learning from a billion wasted lives of a slain God!
Searching through false aeons for the secret formula
Heading toward the serpent's sacred fruits of wisdom
We will gain the knowledge - to live eternal
As the undead - risen ones!
IAO - Lord god is slain
IAO - The years are sown as they are wept
IAO - X cross is drowned in flames
IAO - Lord god is slain
Rise & see! The uttermost fall, Between sacred rhythm of a dying heart
See & die! Like every day dies by the spell of life, space & time
Die & rise! As your cells resurrect with the flow and ebbs of goat's breath
Erect & potent! Distant deaths and all presaged, deadly shrines
Rise & die! Transform into infinite death in life
Beyond & within!

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