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Crushing Hammer of the Antichrist - text

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I am the watcher of ancient revelations,
The crushing hammer of the Anticrist.
I am the blaze of the soulless trepidation,
My stones formed your holy father's grave.
I am burned of your original sin,
The poisoned blood that filled the Holy Grail.
I am the darkstorm that shallows the sun of hope.
I bring the day of the rope.
My will opens the gate where blasting hellfire awaits.
The dark one calls my name scarred with the legacy of
I am the fascination of the first assassin,
Cold-blooded hunter for terror and death.
I am the cadaverous stench of decay,
Savage destroyer of the sanctified laws.
I am debauchery and the wickedness of Sodom,
Rampant temptation for pleasure and pain.
I am the anthem to the crimes of Gomorrah,
I stare into your eyes while death steals your breath.
Spit at the face of the creator of falseness,
Piss on the cross, reject the trinity of merciful
Blaspheme the pitiful sonof the whore.
Morderous passion against the gift of life
Released by the power of unholy rites.
Bestial reprisal from the ancient times.
I am the key to destroy humankind.
Hail to the master of death and disgrace!
Cainian blood's boiling in the chalise of doom.
Under my will steel's raping their flesh.
Winds of destruction embrance their souls.
I am the circle of ritual degradation,
The Armageddon's breath, the storm of roaring flames
I am the plague and the sickness of the gods you
Ravengous locust consuming the tree of life.
I'm the begining! And I'm the end!
I'm Satan's spawn! I am possessed!

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