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The Breath of My Sword - text

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My sword is thirsty of blood, she wants to obtain her immortality
The shield that covers me shines by the sun, with its radiance
A sacred helmet protects my fierce face of valiant warrior
And an invincible armor of gold preserves my immaculate body
Murmurs of charms intoxicate my senses, i feel a nice parsimony
I take a bath in the balms of the philosopher's stone that gave me the immortality
Mounted on my horse, i ride for the combat
I descend to the valley where the battle will take place
She observed my opponents to come and that with their blood
They will feed my sword and my honor
I will obtain the victory and this way my own glory
And i will extend my domains to obtain new vassals
With my retinue of flunkies nobody will be able to conquer me
Strong youths are my warriors
Willing to give the life for the victory...
The sign of our victory,
On those that have challenged my supremacy

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