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Hyperlogical Non-Sense - text

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I can survive without your lies and live
Free until i'll die, I praise no lord
To forgive my self but i respect
Thoughts different from mine.
Fill your head with shit, inconpreaensible
Doltrine. You're the creator of
Discrimination - eleminate the unknow
Distovted advices of right persuade
Your self - a conceit of perfection -
Show me sign of your supermacy - i wait for
Your dimostration, forvent in sacred
Arrogance you are in a contraddiction
I despise your pri priggishwess you are
Blind and full of shit
Where's the mercy you parade?
You are the worst opposer of your
Stupid act of penance cannot save your
Fucking ass - READ
The book you adore : They your contrary
Instigate holy war millions killed
For your gods - your temples drip
The'r blood for eternity!!!

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Hyperlogical Non-Sense

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