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Rock the Night - text


Rock - dance - sweat and smoke
Rock the blues away
Fall deep in a trance before you go astray
Let it go - Let it flow
Feel the might inside
Learn to love yourself - be full of pride
Breathless in the night
Let it out what you feel
Run - move - body heat
Wounds hurt when they heal
Turn around, won't you feel?
This world is not unreal

Rock the night away
Let the day be better for you
Rock the night away
Let me say: We will play for you

Feel - deep - deep inside
All the life that's left
Strong - big energy - I know you do your best
You want to hide the chains inside your mind
Stress - mess - all the pain
Forgotten in this night
Just join another world
Get up - put up the fight
Up all day, up all night 'till the light of day


Text přidal Geralt

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