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Ode to KFC - text

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A sailor went to KFC
To see what he could KFC
And all that he could KFC
was the bottom of a bucket of KFC
Chicken, Chicken
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
You got a Fillet burger meal get your hands up
You got a Zinger burger meal get your hands up
You got Popcorn Chicken get your hands up
You got KFC get your hands up
All the trainees make the gravy
All the trainees coleslaw
I'm eating KFC
Yeah you know me
I'm eating KFC
Yeah you know me
I was sitting at home smoking some weed
got a call from my G said they want a feed
the clock was ticking I ain't tricking
the dog likes chicken that's finger licking
I got a call from my sister
dropped the phone and I missed her
I don't know what she wants so I'll get her a Twister
I got the chicken fizzle bizzle with a hot and spicy sizzle
My nizzles in the grizzle of Kentucky Frizzle Chizzle
Some people think I'm bonkers when I eat KFC
But I'm just eating my lunch ain't nothing crazy about me
I like my food served in bucket
Eat the chick then take the bone and suck it
A family feast at crazy prices
Enjoy all 11 secret herbs and spices
Chicken as greasy as you can get
Wipe it off with a moist towelette
Another dimension new galaxy intergalactic KFC
Now you know your KFC
Next time wont you KFC

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