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Curtailing Factors of Interference - text

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Interference in my plans
Has come from an unpredicted source
Construction of the number 2 is off schedule
Ouodo's performance lacks
His mind is incapable of focus
For a female has penetrated his cognitivity
My age and strength are weakening, as i've traveled so far and hard
He is the key to my immortal plunge
This distraction could put us back years and years
I won't live long enough, thus something shall be done
The girl must die
Upon myself, I place this task
Into her lair this night
Her throat will open and flow with young blood
Always an oversight
The blade hovers, yet no contact is made
Could it be that I suffer
From the same weakness as my disciple?
Contact is finally made
However, it is not from the knife
Oddly, there is no resistance (typical)
After I left, there was a horrible flow
Of energies in transfer that i've never known
(Surely) Ouodo could feel these also
The girl would be killed
My action has created the opposite of the desired effect
The Germans have established a system of interstellar travel
Light-years away, a planet is being colonized by humans
Transports use the fuel, mined in this region
To propel these immense vessels of sanctuary
Ouodo will board one to escape the family
Who will hunt him down for the murder of that whore
I watch a craft take off
Now shattered, my place is lost
My age and my health
I must compromise with machinery
Depression soon sets in
My half completed structure lies dormant
I watch the lights on my new body
Which should allow me to exist for a while longer
With the power i've painstakingly attained
My work must now proceed
Although at a far slower pace
Ouodo's brother, Reddohba, takes over the labour

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