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Dread holding me under
In the darkest waters of confusion
The air breathes like rotting earth
As a victor, I have never been dying as much
Yet, this familiar scenery seems incomplete
Is it the whispering of the night
Or the waters cold gaze
That takes me back to a far-flung past?
I don't know what to think
What to see or what to believe
Something's out of place or out of time
Dissonant echoes paint a nauseating scene:
Life is seeping from this corpse
A crimson stream between the paving stones
And the eyes that stare back at me
Are numbed with death
Drowning in tidal waves
Of uncontrollable thoughts
Reflections of the demons
That shelter within me
A silhouette distinguishes
From the shadows of dusk
It beckons me, it spells my name
Save me…..
As it draws near,
A voice whistles a familiar tune
It's footsteps raise my heartbeat to their pace
I've been here before…
Distance shortens to an unbearable recognition
Our eyes meet, Time collapses
Breath is riven from our lungs
It was me…
Save me - I'm falling
Into a - into a white void
Save me - I'm falling
Seeing what - I cannot believe
And so another circuit
Perpetuates the chain
When the endling merges
Into one AGAIN
The incarnationprocess
Now can recommence
Release the energy
In (a) sulphur incense
I've let my mind to witness to see
The blueprints of a greater design
A patchwork of incarnations
Like shackles in a chainreaction
Releasing energy for...
For whom actually?
I couldn't say…it is too abstract
The incognation is far too much for me to bare
And so this shackle failed to re-initialise
Now memories instead have risen from ashes to flesh
The chainreaction is saturated
Save me - I'm falling
Into a - complete omniscience
Save me - I'm falling
Professing - to the blinded ones

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