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Bones to Dust - text

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Consumed by blackness of never ending night
Guided by something I cannot see
Surrounded by confusion this doesn't seem right
I turn back silence and pray for my life
Is this reality a broken twisted dream
Begging for answers you hear my scream
Take me out and show me what is life
Take me out and show me how to live
Return me to the cycle if you must
And deliver my bones back to the dusk
Light blurs my vision as death calls my name
Moment of clarity then darkness again
Echoes of laughter as shadows start to fade
Then in a whisper, you'll regret the choice you made
The cold and emptiness are stretched across my skin
I draw my breath as the nightmare begins
I begin to see just what it's all about
Hope has fled from me it cannot save me now
Words of confession are caught up in my throat
They lead to redemption that I would never know
I step outside myself feeling no pain
As visions of death come to life again

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