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I hate life, I hate death,
I hate the things that I couldn't resist
Like a murder,
a wicked thrill, the thought of ending, don't want to exist
I say goodbye, to this world
it's time to goe, to vanish in the mist
No more pain, no more sorrow,
my departure has started, with death to assist
I want you, by my side
You went where I can't follow
Into shadows of cruel death
Devoid of life, devoid of sorrow
I am diseased, the only cure
Is to end this life, hollow
In my hand, this sharpened knife
A painful end, it's black and horror
I am bleeding,it flows outside,
I can't get away, like I need to be alive
I must go, I must past,
I can't stay here, I can't survive
A failed attempt, to leave this world,
I am still waiting for death's arrive
No more pain, no more sorrow,
my departure has started, in death I'll dive!

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Into Languish and Decay

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