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I'm chased by this plague
Live in the void
I am immune to this pain
Feeling nothing
My sight will fade, shadow appears
Enter the real, into forgotten years
Falling on my grave, surrounded by black
Tears are whispering, welcome back
Spreading my weak wings
My shattered heart says no
Still thinking it's time to go
Cold is catching up, farewell
Angrily dying, avoid the bright
Look at the pain, my hands are shaking
No one to hold, to embrace me tight
Is this what I am dying for?
Once ambarked the void, dark turns to you
As the moon turns, to you
The lights will fade, my eyes will close
My weak eyes will close
This dreadful death is haunting me
The dying is dreadful
My soul will float away from here
I am dying, farewell

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Into Languish and Decay

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