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Kaivalya of the Black Magician - text

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"Master of great mysteries beneath,
Downwards I sink into absolute Avichi
Temple of blackened density
It takes me in,
Absorbs me in sin,
Death cannot free me from what burns within
This vicious energy,
Blesses in complete enmity
Here my will to power is unbound and hideously displayed
Let matter move unto me,
Fashioned according to my seven flames
Esoteric is the air I breathe,
Unknown to the pleasantly meek
The darkness emanating from my being,
Lies in the sinister comedy
As I am allowed to flourish,
And give rise to supreme animosity
Ravishing is the absolute which allows a fractal such as
I to loom below
Evil is reaped from evil sown
Malice serves as the bride unto Satan
Creation pustulates by the presence of my cruel intentions
By my lust in blooms in debauchery,
Whores of the earth lie raptured
In my sacral vortices
The daughters of men writhe in se**** frenzy,
As heaven withers through sheer abandonment
I marvel at this exponential separation,
At the Kaivalya of my own becoming,
Darkness immortalizes my satanic essence,
As evil now pervades all worlds unto the next
Enter my flesh Legion at will!
My spirit I offer unto the triumph of hell!"

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The Devil´s Fractal


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