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That girl - text


It's not just for a while
I think I need space
This isn't a fight
Your instincts were totally right
I'm not gonna change
Can't help that I'm wild
Cuz I'm that girl
Everybody says he's the Effin' best get it in your head
But I'm that girl
Can't make up my mind every single time you're asking me why, I'm that girl
We can try again but the story ends, same way it begins. I'm that girl.
you can do better, it'll just get worse.
you can do better than that girl . I'm that girl. I'm that girl
If every time I screwed up you tattooed a tear you'd be all covered up.
I know I'm not what you need I'm just what you want so I'm gonna leave,
cuz I'm that girl.
I guess that I'm not made to live this way, might be for some that are easily swayed to follow the path our parents left, but I'm not them. I'm that girl

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