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Repurposed: Reprogrammed - text


To my fucking disbelief, after all this time you still breathe
You've chosen your own demise, bearing the blueprints for this insurrection
I've ruined who I once strived to be, became your fucking nightmare
I've become a nightmare
They taught me to leave the world behind, this burden personified by hatred
It absorbed me, distorted me, disfigured my desire for explanation
It's disfiguring me, rebuilding me, weaponizing me, reprogramming me
Severely warped, scarred, humanity is all but a whisper
Unrelenting, unstoppable, venomously taking revenge upon everyone, upon you
I once searched for compassion; the light in my eyes has left me
I will crush every hope from the wretched fucking life you've wasted
I will destroy this fucking disgrace you have become

Text přidal willda666

Video přidal willda666

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